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Here at Kitchenhub Limited we pride our selves on the quality of our supply only kitchen and bedroom cabinets. We don't think you should settle for a sub standard kitchen cabinet. All of our cabinets are manufactured using the same thickness material throughout ensuring a strong rigid cabinet. Please read the specifications below:


1) Fully rigid built cabinets meaning no need for them to be assembled on site saving on fitters costs.

2) Cam and dowel construction allowing you to take them to pieces should you need to alter one on site.

3) 18mm Solid construction throughout.

4) Solid 18mm top. Most suppliers give you a front rail and a back rail, some only a front rail.

5) Solid 18mm back panel. A lot of companies use a 6 or 8mm back to save on cost.

6) High quality strong load bearing leg. Some companies use a cheaper leg to save on cost.

7) 1MM PVC colour matched edging to ensure they are capable of taking a knock or two.

8) Blumotion soft close hinges as Standard

9) Blumotion soft closing drawer boxes as standard in kitchens

10) Soft close on doors and drawers as standard

11) High quality Camar wall hangers with stainless steel covers in wall cabinets

12) Base cabinets have a 50mm service wall to allow for pipework

13) Wall cabinets have a 15mm service void to allow for cables etc.

14) Gables manufactured to the floor where needed at no extra cost. This saves on end panels if you are on a budget for your kitchen.

15) Colour matched carcases where possible. Sometimes this isn't possible due to the colour of the kitchen cabinet door.

16) Bespoke cabinet depths at no extra cost........within reason



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